Sunday, December 16, 2007

Quiet Weekend

This was a pretty uneventful weekend compared to most. But that's a really good thing! Friday Michael was able to take half the day off and spent the afternoon fishing at his dad's which he really enjoyed. After he came home, we took Jake to his friend Ty's 3rd birthday party which was a "camping" party with four-wheeler riding and roasting marshmallows. They all looked so cute wearing their party favors - little head lights. Jake told us when we got there that they cooked reindeer in the fire!! He really meant that Ty's daddy, DJ, cooked some deer meat in the fire! During the party Michael and I took Ella Kate out to dinner for some rare time alone with her.

Saturday Michael went to his work Christmas party while the kids and I stayed at home (it was an adult only party).

Sunday morning 2 good friends of ours were baptized at church - Summer Laney and Karson Martin. How special for them to share that day!
One funny thing about the service. It was the youth choir Christmas program and the director is my good friend, Sarah Beth. Well, when she got up to direct at the beginning of the service, she had scissors, yes scissors, stuck to her hiney!!! A girl in the front row had to go up and unhook them from her pants. It was hilarious!! She is a good sport and handled it very well! :)

Sunday night we had our church Christmas program and afterwards we went out to eat at the "rice man" (Japanese) with some friends of ours. What a zoo!!! I honestly think there were more children there than there were adults! Seriously, 9 children and 9 adults!
Anyway, nice relaxing weekend in anticipation of this crazy few weeks we're about to have! I'm sure there will be lots to post very soon!


Summer Martin said...

It really was a zoo at Fuji last night. I am so used to it that it really does not bother me. I just enjoy having other people to share it with.

Natalie Kellett said...

I'm glad you guys had such a good relaxing weekend.