Saturday, December 08, 2007

New York City

Our trip to New York was GREAT! I absolutely LOVED the city, while Michael enjoyed his one trip and probably won't have the burning desire to go back immediately. The kids had a hard time with so much going on and missing naps every day. But they did love it and Jake still asks every day to go back. We visited the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Ground Zero, Wall Street, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Plaza, Fifth Avenue, the Early Show, Good Morning America, Chinatown, and the most popular with the kids, Toys R Us and the M&M store! We also rode the Subway during the morning rush hour with two babies and a double stroller. Very interesting ride...they did good but were turning kind of green by the time we made it there in the morning. On the way back, Jake's belly was full and since we were sitting down at waist level of the people standing, he thought it would be a fun game to poke as many of them as he could. He also tried to make a call on one lady's cell phone. Luckily, they either didn't notice or they pretended not to. Michael had the joy of holding the huge stroller on each ride. That was possibly worse than holding the kids!
They loved the parade but both had to be held on shoulders the entire time due to the huge mass of people around. That was the only place that it was possible to see anything! Dora and Shrek were the favorites.
We stayed at the Hilton in Times Square and it was packed every day around the clock. It's true...the city never sleeps. All we had to do was walk out our door though, and we found things to do.
It was actually pretty warm the majority of the time we were there - we were very lucky! But on the last night and morning before we left temperatures dropped drastically and it got very windy and very cold!! Other days we did not even have to wear coats.
Thanksgiving dinner was hotdogs from a street vendor but they were very good! Grandma would have been proud!

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