Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Parties!!

Moody Jake doesn't want his picture made

Jake and his teacher, Mrs. Sophie - he LOVES her!!

Ella Kate and her puzzle

Ella Kate and friend, Emma Claire

Today was Christmas Party day at school - the last day before the holidays! I have to split my time between the 2 parties since they are at the same time. Ella's does start 15 minutes earlier so that gives me a little extra time with her. Ella's class had a breakfast party and had lots of good juice, doughnuts, fruits, and muffins. They also had a puzzle exchange and she got a really cute fishing puzzle complete with little magnets and a fishing pole.
Jake's class had a cookies, cake, and cheetos party with lots of gifts from everyone!!

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Natalie Kellett said...

They are just too precious!!