Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Jake's First Field Trip

I guess Jake is now officially in school, as he went on his first field trip on Monday. It's Community Helpers month so we visited our local Publix. I thought the most interesting part was going back where they package the meat! It was pretty gross and smelled really bad, but fascinating! And everyone looked great in their hairnets. :) A very nice mother of a boy in Jake's class happens to be a photographer and has posted a slideshow of pictures of the trip on her blog. Here is the link to it: They're really cute! Jake has on a blue and yellow striped shirt, so you can pick him out easier. There are a few close-ups of him as well.

Monday night Michael and I went to listen to John Rosemond speak at a parenting conference in Simpsonville. It was actually VERY good!! Michael even enjoyed it - even though he only went to make me happy. :) He gets points for being there though! Anyway, Mr. Rosemond is VERY old-school which I happen to love - never thought I would. Michael even saw a friend of his there, so he wasn't alone in it. I'd share his theory but it's pretty long - basically, we need to parent like our grandparents did and we'd have fewer problems. Mothers spend too much time catering to our children's every need when they are old enough to do for themselves. I like that!!

I trained with my good friend, Tracy(she's the girl above), again yesterday and I couldn't even walk afterwards! I just started with her last week, so shouldn't I be dropping a size this week? Isn't that how it works? :) It's sooo rough but in a wonderful kind of way. She's a great trainer - she doesn't let me get away with wimping out on her. I've also been going to a class at the gym called Urban Rebounding - it's half trampoline aerobics and half pilates. Very, very hard but lots of fun!!

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