Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jake goes to the Dentist

Jake had his first teeth cleaning today. He actually has been to the dentist once before - about 6 months ago - but he didn't let them clean his teeth. This time he climbed right into the chair and did not move a muscle until they were done. He even got his fluoride treatment and flossing! 6 months makes a huge difference in what they will allow!
Thank goodness we had a very nice hygienist named Amy that patiently put up with 3 trips to the bathroom (during the exam) along with Jake and Ella Kate fighting in the corner, bouncing on the exam chair, and just being themselves!
Overall, he was very excited about being a big boy! And Jake and I both got a good report on our teeth, thank goodness!

Jake before his cleaning

Jake in the spotlight

Cleaning and still smiling!

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