Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ella Kate is a Big Girl Now!

Yes, it's finally true! Ella Kate has mastered the potty - and in record time! She got up Sunday morning and pee-peed on the potty and asked to wear panties. Well, I was skeptical since she had never gone on the potty for me, but her teacher, Mrs. Summer, said last week she started going for her. So we were brave and let her wear panties to church. I warned her teacher, but when I checked on her between worship and SS, she still had not gone. She would not go then and she would not go after church either. Finally, while we were having lunch with our Sunday School class, she announced that she had to go!! She did indeed go and has been going ever since with only a couple of accidents. I am so relieved that this has gone so well and so fast! She is so proud to wear panties and loves the idea of being a big girl now! I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to post pictures of her in her panties, so here she is with all her new "girly panties". Mimi took her to the store on Tuesday and bought her some new princess panties to celebrate!

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