Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ella Kate gets sick

Ella Kate is rarely sick so when she started running a high fever on Monday, I knew something was up. Her fever continued to go up, so on Tuesday we went to the doctor (didn't find anything), and went back again Wednesday afternoon to find out that she had strep throat. Easily fixable, but she sure didn't like the penicillin shot that did the job!! She is so sweet when she's sick - it's about the only time she lets me cuddle with her and hold her. She usually wants no part of it but will sometimes let her daddy cuddle her. Michael didn't like that she was preferring her mommy this week - he's not used to that! She is finally starting to feel better today and is almost back to her normal self. Thank goodness this sickness didn't affect her pottying - she has kept right on using the potty like she's been doing it for months! Now I'm worried Jake is going to get it right in time for our trip next weekend. Hopefully he'll stay well or at least we'll catch it early next week.

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