Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We had a good night trick-or-treating. We visited several houses including Jake & Ella Kate's great-grandparents, Granny & Papa Neal; their grandparents, Nana & Papa James; their great aunt and uncle, Uncle William & Aunt Susan; their Papa & Nana Jane's church trunk-or-treat; our cousin Leslie's house (and Chase's but he was out of town!); and finally a visit from Mimi and Bobby at home! Wow!! We usually do trunk-or-treat at our church, but decided to skip it this year to spend more time at each house. We still came home with PLENTY of candy!! Jake was Spiderman and Ella Kate was a ladybug. We have had the ladybug costume for about a month now, but today at school, she told everyone she was going to be Cinderella (she likes her because it sounds like her name!). So......I went out at 3:30 to find her a princess costume. I did find a friend that was kind enough to let us borrow several princess dresses, but.....when I surprised her with them, she informed me that she was going to be a ladybug!!! She has refused to wear that ladybug costume for 2 weeks now!! What a moody little chick!!

Anyway, we had a great time out visiting. Granny even made us adults some chocolate chocolate-chip muffins and popcorn. Granny always had the best house to visit on Halloween because she dressed up and hid in the bushes and played her scary music! She even had spook trails! She has her devil horns on in this picture - but Jake says she is dressed up like Horny, their cow.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jake goes to the Dentist

Jake had his first teeth cleaning today. He actually has been to the dentist once before - about 6 months ago - but he didn't let them clean his teeth. This time he climbed right into the chair and did not move a muscle until they were done. He even got his fluoride treatment and flossing! 6 months makes a huge difference in what they will allow!
Thank goodness we had a very nice hygienist named Amy that patiently put up with 3 trips to the bathroom (during the exam) along with Jake and Ella Kate fighting in the corner, bouncing on the exam chair, and just being themselves!
Overall, he was very excited about being a big boy! And Jake and I both got a good report on our teeth, thank goodness!

Jake before his cleaning

Jake in the spotlight

Cleaning and still smiling!

Ella Kate gets sick

Ella Kate is rarely sick so when she started running a high fever on Monday, I knew something was up. Her fever continued to go up, so on Tuesday we went to the doctor (didn't find anything), and went back again Wednesday afternoon to find out that she had strep throat. Easily fixable, but she sure didn't like the penicillin shot that did the job!! She is so sweet when she's sick - it's about the only time she lets me cuddle with her and hold her. She usually wants no part of it but will sometimes let her daddy cuddle her. Michael didn't like that she was preferring her mommy this week - he's not used to that! She is finally starting to feel better today and is almost back to her normal self. Thank goodness this sickness didn't affect her pottying - she has kept right on using the potty like she's been doing it for months! Now I'm worried Jake is going to get it right in time for our trip next weekend. Hopefully he'll stay well or at least we'll catch it early next week.

Lunch with the Waddells

Saturday we had lunch with the Waddell family (Michael's dad's side) at Selma Baptist Church in Woodruff. Food was great! Here are pictures of the kids together (ours, Tonya's and David's) except for Ella Kate - she wouldn't have her picture made with the others, so she's by herself!

(L-R) Caleb, Erica, Lee, & Jake Waddell

Ella Kate slides-thank goodness for playgrounds!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Carving Pumpkins

Saturday night Michael decided it was time to carve the pumpkins that the kids picked out at school on Friday. The kids had a great time and were thrilled with their jack-o-lanterns!

Jake & Ella Kate show off their work!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ella Kate is a Big Girl Now!

Yes, it's finally true! Ella Kate has mastered the potty - and in record time! She got up Sunday morning and pee-peed on the potty and asked to wear panties. Well, I was skeptical since she had never gone on the potty for me, but her teacher, Mrs. Summer, said last week she started going for her. So we were brave and let her wear panties to church. I warned her teacher, but when I checked on her between worship and SS, she still had not gone. She would not go then and she would not go after church either. Finally, while we were having lunch with our Sunday School class, she announced that she had to go!! She did indeed go and has been going ever since with only a couple of accidents. I am so relieved that this has gone so well and so fast! She is so proud to wear panties and loves the idea of being a big girl now! I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to post pictures of her in her panties, so here she is with all her new "girly panties". Mimi took her to the store on Tuesday and bought her some new princess panties to celebrate!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Anderson Mill Road Fall Festival

Today was our church's annual Fall Festival. It's always a HUGE deal at our church and it's always lots of fun! Jake and Ella Kate both started out (emphasis on started out) having a great time. Mama and Daddy had to take turns going on the blow-up slides with Ella Kate - pretty amusing for those watching. The funniest time came when it was time for Regional One, Spartanburg Regional Hospital's emergency transport helicopter, to leave. Everyone stood back the appropriate distance, which turned out not to be far enough for the wind not to knock you down!! We were totally unprepared for the huge amount of wind that would involve!!! Check out the precious picture of the kids and Michael watching. When Jake finally uncovered his eyes, he found that his cheetos had been blown away and were nowhere to be found!
After that excitement, Jake and Ella Kate decided it was time to make their debut on a ride......hmmm....... We chose the spinning, yes spinning, teacup type things. Jake, mama(who does get motion sick easily), Ella Kate, and 2 little friends of ours, Joshua and Dillon (whose Mom was actually smart enough not to get on) hopped into our cup.
Ella Kate decided fairly quickly that she didn't enjoy the ride and laid down in my lap. I immediately covered my eyes and laid my head as far down as I could get and still be upright. Jake began spinning the cup with Joshua and Dillon. He was thoroughly enjoying the ride for all of 30 seconds. At that time, he informed me that he didn't feel very well and that he was going to be sick. I told him to close his eyes and put his head down until it was over. About 10 seconds later he was gagging and I was waving my hands and yelling for the operator to stop the ride. He apparently thought I was kidding and Michael yelled back that I was a party pooper!! About that time, Jake lost his cheetos and coke! That got the operator's attention and we finally stopped but not soon enough. Jake continued to throw up while we used every wipe we had to ry to get him off of the ride and clean up the seat. Oh well, you never know what happened in the seat before you at the fair!! We found some port-o-potties with a make-shift sink to wipe him up. Then my sickness started to hit me. It really amazes me how well God equipped mothers to completely ignore their own urges to vomit until their 4 year old is feeling a little better. When I quit worrying so much about Jake, I realized that I was pretty sick myself!! Michael found the whole situation to be a little too amusing, by the way. He laughed the whole way home as Jake continued to throw up, and I continued to catch it, all the while trying to hold mine in. He did mention as we got on the ride that we would all be sick the rest of the day. Who knew that would be the one time he was right?! : ) I am now finally feeling better and Jake is still asleep. What a day!
Mama and Ella Kate on the slide
Daddy and Ella Kate coming down!
Jake slides fast!
Jake, Ella Kate, and daddy are blown away by the helicopter
The "Before" photo.... The "After" photo :)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Football Friday Nights

Michael and Jake have won out and Friday nights in our house have been taken over by football....and Saturday mornings and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons and Monday nights.......

Friday nights have been spent lately at Dorman High School, since our good friend, Flynn Harrell, took the AD job there. Jake loves any kind of football so it doesn't matter to him where we go. Michael does still enjoy going to the Woodruff games when they are at home. Ella Kate has decided she wants to be a "cheerweader" so she takes her "com-coms" and has a good time.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Jake's First Field Trip

I guess Jake is now officially in school, as he went on his first field trip on Monday. It's Community Helpers month so we visited our local Publix. I thought the most interesting part was going back where they package the meat! It was pretty gross and smelled really bad, but fascinating! And everyone looked great in their hairnets. :) A very nice mother of a boy in Jake's class happens to be a photographer and has posted a slideshow of pictures of the trip on her blog. Here is the link to it: They're really cute! Jake has on a blue and yellow striped shirt, so you can pick him out easier. There are a few close-ups of him as well.

Monday night Michael and I went to listen to John Rosemond speak at a parenting conference in Simpsonville. It was actually VERY good!! Michael even enjoyed it - even though he only went to make me happy. :) He gets points for being there though! Anyway, Mr. Rosemond is VERY old-school which I happen to love - never thought I would. Michael even saw a friend of his there, so he wasn't alone in it. I'd share his theory but it's pretty long - basically, we need to parent like our grandparents did and we'd have fewer problems. Mothers spend too much time catering to our children's every need when they are old enough to do for themselves. I like that!!

I trained with my good friend, Tracy(she's the girl above), again yesterday and I couldn't even walk afterwards! I just started with her last week, so shouldn't I be dropping a size this week? Isn't that how it works? :) It's sooo rough but in a wonderful kind of way. She's a great trainer - she doesn't let me get away with wimping out on her. I've also been going to a class at the gym called Urban Rebounding - it's half trampoline aerobics and half pilates. Very, very hard but lots of fun!!