Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jake Scores a Touchdown!

Okay, a little behind, but go back to Saturday. Jake did great at his first football game! He scored a touchdown!!!! Yeah Jake! I have convinced him that if he kisses his mama before the game, he'll make a touchdown.

After the game, we went to Jake's first birthday party from his new class. His friend Gage had a party at JumpZone and Jake loved it!! It's an enormous room filled with huge blowup castles and slides. It was a fun party!

Mimi picked the kids up from the party and Michael and I were on to his cousin, Christen's, wedding. She was married at the same church her new husband's parents were married at and had a beautiful reception at the Westin Poinsett in downtown Greenville. The bridesmaid's dresses were beautiful, by the way!!

Needless to say, Saturday was a very busy day!

We were glad to have a slow day on Sunday and have lunch at Michael's mom's house. There's nothing Michael loves more than to have his mom cook for him!

This week has been busy once again, starting Monday with my good friend Suzie having her second baby boy. William Caldwell Swann was born weighing 10 lbs 3 oz!!! Imagine what their third child will weigh! :) He is a beautiful boy, and I actually have a picture to post of him. This is the Swann family with Ted, Suzie, Davis (17 months) and Will.

Tonight Jake and Ella Kate are going to gymnastics for the first time! We're "trying it out" tonight to see if they will like it. Jake is very excited to learn some "flips" so hopefully they both will enjoy it. Ella Kate's class is a mommy & me class so I'm sure she'll be fine since I'll be with her the whole time. Michael isn't too big on the idea of gymnastics but I'm trying to convince him that boys DO take gymnastics when they are small. I told him I could always enroll him in dancing if this doesn't work out. :)

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Elizabeth said...

Hey now! Tell Michael that gymnastics is great for girls AND boys. I grew up in the gym, and we had a good number of boys there, too. They mostly worked out in shorts and t-shirts (tights only come into play in competition). And, if nothing else, gymnastics is probably the single best sport for confidence and discipline. :)

I'll step off my soap box now...