Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another Day.....

Not much new to chat about. Bobby's birthday was great - I decided that my new motto is "everybody needs a cake" so I made him one. My first attempt at least looked pretty - kind of dry but we'll work on that. We found him a BIG sword and of course we had to buy Jake one as well. Who would he sword fight with??? Then EllaKate had to have a prize so she got some fancy dollar store jewelry. Here are pics of Bobby's cake, Bobby & Jake with their swords, and then Bobby with the kids.
Yesterday, we were able to eat lunch with a very good friend of mine that now lives in Columbia, Christy Powers. Jake LOVED her, so here is a picture of him with her. It's so good to see your oldie but goodie friends sometimes!! Christy and I have been through a lot together and I just couldn't replace her!!
Today was a regular old day here, school, working, errands, lunch, and finally naps!! Jake doesn't take naps anymore but Ella Kate LOVES her 3 hour nap still. And when she wakes up she just lays there singing and talking for at least 30 minutes. What a sweet little baby!
Off to work on a project I have going now (I'll post on that when I'm done) and get ready for AWANA at church tonight. :)

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