Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gymnastics was a hit....well, at least half of it!

Well, Jake LOVED his gymnastics class. It was so cute to see him doing all the exercises and getting to hang on the bars (by far his favorite part!). There were 8 children in his class, I believe, and 3 of them were boys so a pretty good ratio. Ella Kate wasn't that into her class. She refused to participate for the most part, which they say is very normal at that age. She ran around and screamed a lot and pitched a huge tantrum for the toy airplane they ride. "MINE"!! She also looked petrified when they tried to have her flip on the bar. Poor thing! It may take her a while to get used to the idea, so we'll try it for a month and see what happens.

Jake had another football game this weekend and he's still very excited to be a "real" football player. He's only 4 and he already eats, sleeps and breathes football. He even watches it on tv with Michael!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Jane!

Happy Birthday to Nana Jane (Michael's dad's wife)! We hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

Jake Scores a Touchdown!

Okay, a little behind, but go back to Saturday. Jake did great at his first football game! He scored a touchdown!!!! Yeah Jake! I have convinced him that if he kisses his mama before the game, he'll make a touchdown.

After the game, we went to Jake's first birthday party from his new class. His friend Gage had a party at JumpZone and Jake loved it!! It's an enormous room filled with huge blowup castles and slides. It was a fun party!

Mimi picked the kids up from the party and Michael and I were on to his cousin, Christen's, wedding. She was married at the same church her new husband's parents were married at and had a beautiful reception at the Westin Poinsett in downtown Greenville. The bridesmaid's dresses were beautiful, by the way!!

Needless to say, Saturday was a very busy day!

We were glad to have a slow day on Sunday and have lunch at Michael's mom's house. There's nothing Michael loves more than to have his mom cook for him!

This week has been busy once again, starting Monday with my good friend Suzie having her second baby boy. William Caldwell Swann was born weighing 10 lbs 3 oz!!! Imagine what their third child will weigh! :) He is a beautiful boy, and I actually have a picture to post of him. This is the Swann family with Ted, Suzie, Davis (17 months) and Will.

Tonight Jake and Ella Kate are going to gymnastics for the first time! We're "trying it out" tonight to see if they will like it. Jake is very excited to learn some "flips" so hopefully they both will enjoy it. Ella Kate's class is a mommy & me class so I'm sure she'll be fine since I'll be with her the whole time. Michael isn't too big on the idea of gymnastics but I'm trying to convince him that boys DO take gymnastics when they are small. I told him I could always enroll him in dancing if this doesn't work out. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Late Birthday Caleb....Welcome Home Thomas!

Oops! I forgot to wish Caleb a Happy Birthday yesterday!!! Caleb is our nephew, David's son. I believe he is turning 11 this year. The picture above is of Caleb and Jake about 2 years ago.
My cousin, Thomas Baker, has been in Iraq for a year now and is finally able to come home tomorrow. He is coming home to a 7 month old baby girl, Peyton. I know his wife Jessica and Peyton both will be ecstatic to have him home. Not to mention how thrilled the rest of his family is! His twin brother, Robert, served a year in Iraq before him, so it is a real blessing to have both of them home now. The 2 pictures above are of Thomas in Iraq - his wife wanted to be sure we knew he hadn't lost his sense of humor!
Just one funny thing Jake said today, and I'll be done(maybe)...... He loves to do anything his daddy does, so he has decided he should be wearing the body spray that his dad wears (along with deodorant most of the time!). So today as we were getting ready, he ran into the bathroom and stuck his little chest out and declared, "Get a smell mom!". :) What a sweet little man - when he wants to be!
Busy weekend ahead!! It's Jake's very first Upward Football game ever! He's so excited to be a "real" football player! It's so funny watching all the 4 and 5 year olds playing. At practice Tuesday night, it was his turn to run with the ball, so he starts off running straight towards the "goal". They were of course all chasing him and trying to get his flag - it's flag football - so he turns 180 degrees and runs the other way trying to get away. He keeps running in a huge circle just trying to avoid them. He finally gets pointed back in the right direction and crosses the goal line. He's been telling everyone since then that he scored a touchdown. We'll see how the actual game goes......
More tomorrow.....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another Day.....

Not much new to chat about. Bobby's birthday was great - I decided that my new motto is "everybody needs a cake" so I made him one. My first attempt at least looked pretty - kind of dry but we'll work on that. We found him a BIG sword and of course we had to buy Jake one as well. Who would he sword fight with??? Then EllaKate had to have a prize so she got some fancy dollar store jewelry. Here are pics of Bobby's cake, Bobby & Jake with their swords, and then Bobby with the kids.
Yesterday, we were able to eat lunch with a very good friend of mine that now lives in Columbia, Christy Powers. Jake LOVED her, so here is a picture of him with her. It's so good to see your oldie but goodie friends sometimes!! Christy and I have been through a lot together and I just couldn't replace her!!
Today was a regular old day here, school, working, errands, lunch, and finally naps!! Jake doesn't take naps anymore but Ella Kate LOVES her 3 hour nap still. And when she wakes up she just lays there singing and talking for at least 30 minutes. What a sweet little baby!
Off to work on a project I have going now (I'll post on that when I'm done) and get ready for AWANA at church tonight. :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy 16th Birthday Bobby!

What a super day to start blogging! My baby brother, Kyle (whom the kids have renamed "Bobby"), turns 16 today!!! How hard to believe. He is turning into a wonderful young man and I am so proud of him. Mama says he had 2 girls to hang a banner at his locker and one whose mom brought him lunch today. What a ladies man!!

We are going shopping when Ella Kate wakes up from her nap. Jake wants to get him a "really big sword" for his birthday. Hmmm.....wonder who will enjoy that more?

By the way, the picture is from Bobby's 12th birthday.

This is my very first blog. I'm so excited to start this....I've been wanting to for a while, but it wasn't until I came across another mom's blog that I decided to try it. I'll post pictures as soon as I can but most of you know I am still living in the dark ages and do not have a digital camera. I do have a few on the computer and will get them up as soon as I can.