Friday, June 10, 2016

One Month without Papa

It's been one month today since our lives changed forever. I don't really feel like I can speak to the depth of Michael's grieving; I can only say how I've seen him changed. He's a different man. I've walked our kids through losing a grandparent and that has been difficult. I've dealt with my own grief over losing a wonderful father-in-law who I respected and loved very much. He loved us all so well.

Jake loves to listen to Papa's music. He loves singing along with it. He has a nice voice. Maybe he will follow in his Papa's footsteps. :) It's still very hard for Michael to hear it sometimes though.

Ella Kate loves her pictures of Papa. She's like her mama. She thinks about Papa a lot, especially at night.

Tanner asks a lot of questions. He will be quiet and still and you can tell something is on his mind. Usually at night. Most recently he has been asking why Papa had to do that work. (Sam was digging a trench and laying wire when he had the heart attack.) He says many times a day that he misses his Papa.

We spent most of the day today at the lake working on Papa's yard. The Martins came last night and began removing the remains from the house fire. They started early this morning and by the time we got there after lunch, they had taken everything to the proper disposal outlets. Phillip followed us in to smooth everything out. He did a really good job. They've been so good to Sam and Jane.

Tanner got to drive the big machine and it made his day :)

We spent some time cutting grass and weed eating. The kids are still young enough to think it's fun. :)

And after all the hard work we enjoyed ourselves a little at one of our most favorite places. 

Tanner is the tiny speck in the distance swimming. Jake paddled the paddle boat to the other side of the lake and back and he was beat! :) We spent a good while sitting in the shade and swimming, just the 5 of us, more thankful for these moments I believe.

We stopped at the House of Pizza for dinner on the way home, like usual. Every time we came to eat, Papa would meet us there. Sometimes he would have already eaten and he'd just sit and talk. Sometimes he would eat with us. He'd always eat whatever we got, and it was a while before we got it out of him that he really didn't like the house pizza we always ordered. But he ate it happily while he spent time with us.

Time at the lake, his lake, is special to us now. I think we all feel a little closer to him while we're there.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

FSU @ Clemson 2015

What a FUN game! If we weren't missing 3 of our favorites, it would have been perfect!

3:30 game time is perfect - not too early, not too late. It was slated to rain the entire day and instead it rained none of the day!! It sprinkled a little two or three times but that was all. 

We made it in time to get a asphalt parking space (a big plus with all the rain we've had!), walk to the Student Union for lunch, head down for the Tiger Walk, and see the FSU players arrive, along with the FSU band. 

The best part was that Mimi found us the BEST tickets! We were the 5th row from the field. Not kidding. 

 Tanner enjoyed taking pictures....
 Flashbacks to NYC for Pop....

 He found a chair he liked better!

 Somebody disappeared for a while....he was cleaning water off the benches!

 He wasn't in the mood for pictures! HA!

I was totally shocked that Tanner walked the entire way to the stadium (and back) and not only stayed awake for the whole game, but he stood and cheered more than 75% of it! The boy loves "Tintlin"!!
Although Clemson won 23-13, it was a great, close game. The boys were thrilled! We went onto the field after the game and Jake was excited to get pictures! 

Finally getting to touch the rock!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Saturday, January 03, 2015

New Year's Eve

We woke up New Year's Eve in Pigeon Forge in the camper where it was still FREEZING! We packed up, made a quick stop at Chick Fil A and made our way home just in time to join our friends at the Harrison's for some fun on the last day of 2014.

 Just because they are rarely all 3 this close and not fighting....

We had SO much FOOD! I totally should have taken a picture of the spread - red pepper jelly & cream cheese was probably my favorite for the night although the meatballs, ranch dressing, sausage balls (my contribution due to my current obsession with them!) and white chocolate covered trash sure was delicious too!! I'm not sure we have ever eaten that well when we got together!

The kids played outside in below freezing temps the majority of the time - except for the babies - and then played a little ping pong downstairs.

I'm sure it will be no time before they are outside running with the big kids. Summer L fixed us up with a cute photo booth and we all took turns having our photos done. Some of us were more into it than others. :)

Michael wasn't feeling too well - he got a pretty bad cold & cough while in Pigeon Forge so he stayed home and went to bed early while we partied.

The adults played a little Headbandz and before we knew it, it was time for the ball to drop.

Good times ringing in the New Year with the best of friends!